Live in the Now, Plan for the Future!

Gooooooood morning !!!!

So we had a few days of escape from winter – and now it’s gone. All too soon for me! But I will wait patiently for it to return as I mourn my absence from Carnival!:)

So today I wanted to give you some encouragement about creating better habits and making health decisions.

There is a lot of guilt around these two things. And a lot of fear of the “failure” of your choices.

So many people feel guilty because they may not have stuck with their exercises because life was too hectic. Or work got in the way. Or the kids were sick this weekend. Also people feel really afraid of the their failures for many reasons  – fear of how others will view them, the shame you feel when you have to ‘fess up.

I personally have a unhealthy dose of “catholic guilt” and perfectionism. I either rake myself over the coals for not getting something done, or overly critique a past performance, analyzing how I can make it better.  Terrible combo for getting anything done!

But I’ve learned something that has helped me to take those traits and have it work for me. And that thing is learning to live in the present but allow myself to peek ahead at the future sometimes.

By living in the present I allow myself to make mistakes. (After all that is how you learn!) To appreciate the product I have put out today. To applaud my effort.

By peeking forward to the future, I allow my critique to map out a path for improvement. To assess my shortcomings and mistakes. To plan for a better execution than the last time.

The lesson here – this is a journey!!!!!! things are in motion, they aren’t static. They are supposed to change!

When it comes to health decisions – the same things apply. We can get stuck in guilt and fear . Guilt that you could have done something sooner, before it got so bad. Fear that someone will blame you for your pain because you should have done something before.

All of that that doesnt’ matter, because everyone’s journey is different!! You are different !!The most important thing  is to find someone that will meet you where you are and help you on your journey!

So if you forgot to do your exercises – don’t crucify yourself for that. But do make a plan that works for you to fix it the next time. And do get the help that you need to do better next time. The same goes for anything else – see where your pain is now and make a plan for it to be better tomorrow.

So no more self blame, self doubt and self guilt! Live in the now, plan for the future! You got this!

If you want to talk about how you can start your journey, click here for a phone consult with me. 100% free! No judgement, no critique! just a friendly voice helping you to make future better health decisions.

Check in soon to see how I put this in action with my exercise goals for 2017!!!

Happy Sunday!!

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Danelle Dickson PT, DPT, OCS

Danelle Dickson PT, DPT, OCS

Physical Therapist at Performance Plus Physical Therapy
Danelle Dickson received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from Morgan State University in 2003, then her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from the University of Delaware in 2007. After graduating, she earned her  Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist Certification in 2012. She is continually increasing her knowledge base with post graduate continuing education from manual based courses such as Institute of Physical Arts and St. Augustine courses. Additionally, she has also presented research at local (APTA) and international (IADMS) conferences on dancers, and has published her research with Journal of Dance Medicine and Science.

Danelle combines her 10+ year of clinical, research, and administrative experience  to produce a well rounded, patient driven experience at Performance Plus Physical Therapy. She currently works with patients with orthopedic, sports and Performing arts conditions, along with taking care of the local dance population, and mentoring local physical therapy students as a clinical instructor.
Danelle Dickson PT, DPT, OCS

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