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    I was referred to Danelle Dickson by a friend who was very happy with her work. I have visited many physical therapists over the years. Danelle is the only PT that has been able to analyze and deal with my neck and shoulder pain. I have had problems for the past 15 years that have been lingering and progressively become worse. Danelle is a great listener and has a thorough understanding of the body. I have never felt like i am being so well taken care of by any other medical personnel. Highly recommended.
    Camilla Late 30's, Washington, DC

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    Danelle is hands down the best physical therapist I have seen in my many years of being a student/professional/teaching dance artist. Being a dancer, many PT are just amazed at my range of motion and/or flexibility but don't realize the underlying problems that are unique to dancers - despite outward appearances. Her one-on-one attention enables her to adequately assess the problem(s), manipulate the muscles/tendons/etc that are causing the issue and then also gives useful exercises to continue treatment at home to maintain and/or strengthen what she's just fixed.

    If you're looking for a therapist that's going to strap you to a machine then give you some exercises to do while they help other patients or eat a sandwich in the back, this is not the therapist for you. On the other hand, if you want real results and relief from your pain, definitely give Danelle a call! Performance Plus Physical Therapy is the only PT I'll ever use.
    Pascha Mid 30's, Silver Spring, MD
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    Danelle is MAGIC!!!! The first time I went to her was for a muscle strain in my quad. I got injured mid tech-week and with only three visits, she had me back on stage for final dress just in time for opening night. The injury was completely healed and I was back to normal!

    I went to her in May about an injury in my feet that I'd be dealing with for a few years. (By the way, never wait that long before being treated. Lesson learned, thank you Danelle!!!) Today my injury is completely healed and I don't feel behind in my dance classes. Danelle gave me exercises that not only would help my injury but help condition my body for dance to be able to get back in the studio quicker. She paid attention to my goals and reminded me every step of they way what they were and what I needed to do in order to accomplish them.

    Danelle is a delight and one of my superheroes. Thank you Danelle for paying attention to my whole body so that I could heal properly and efficiently. I never thought I'd be back dancing the way I'm able to!

    If you are injured, do not wait! Go see Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy!!!
    Dani Early 20's, Washington, DC
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    Danelle is a highly personable professional whose empathy and compassion are integral to her work as a skilled physical therapist. She is motivated by the wellness of others, and puts every emphasis on getting her patients back to 100% as soon as possible. I know this from personal experience. After suffering a very painful back injury, she was an absolute answered prayer for me! She always went out of her way to coordinate care with my doctor and to accommodate my crazy schedule. I am thoroughly impressed with her knowledge and skills and her ability to translate that into a care plan that worked! She was the silver lining in an otherwise very dark cloud in having to deal with this injury. In short, she rocks!
    Jennifer Late 30's, Washington, DC
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    I first saw Physical Therapist Danelle Dickson in late July of 2013 because I'd been having lower back problems. The sciatica-type pains were especially bothersome and painful. At this time she was working for another firm and I was randomly assigned to her for the pain I was having. I've had physical therapy at several places before, after a bad riding accident, always in a big room where each therapist went from patient to patient. I didn't know any other way of approaching PT even existed. Inevitably, I would finish my exercises before the therapist made it back to me, and there was a lot of "dead time" where I wasn't sure what I should be doing.

    It was not like this with Danelle at all. Having her with me for the entire duration of the hour's appointment, in a private room was amazing! She is very petite, but don't let that fool you - she is strong! - and at the beginning of every session she spent probably 40 minutes doing hands-on treatment trying to get my stubborn old lady muscles to cooperate and move the way they should. The rest of each session was comprised of me doing the exercises she was assigning me to do at home so that I was familiar with my homework (or home work, depending upon how you look at it.) After we'd completed a few sessions I could feel a difference in how my body felt and the amount of pain I had been experiencing diminished. I always felt really great when I left Danelle's care. The exercises she prescribed for me have kept me pain free and I have had no need to return to therapy but  I do miss our conversations - we had a lot of fun while working hard. I highly recommend Danelle to anyone needing an excellent physical therapist.
    Mary Jane Mid 60's, Washington, DC
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    Danelle was kind to offer me an PT evaluation and treatment after a recent car accident where I was rear ended and experienced whiplash.

    Her professionalism, talent, intuitive touch, and compassionate care were very appreciated. I experienced more range of motion, freedom from pain since last Tuesday's session and it has continued. She was kind to leave me her foam roller to use with clear instructions in its use to open up the restricted musculature in my back and cervical region.

    I highly recommended her. As a fellow rehab health care practitioner I was grateful to meet and be treated by a skilled colleague.
    Fanny Mid 50's, Takoma Park, MD
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    I have been dealing with a 'knee' issue for three years....or so I thought. Finally found a PT who was able to immediately see it was not my knee but issues with my IT band, calf and other issues.....What a relief and I can't wait to get back on the tennis court!
    Nina Late 40's, Washington, DC
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    Danelle is he best physical therapist ever! She is very thorough and efficient, pleasant and most importantly effective!!! Danelle helped me through some shoulder issues, and in the past year with knee issues. Fabulous!
    Isabel Late 70's, Washington, DC
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    I did something today I have not been able to do in 3 years: run across the street without foot pain. I would not have been able to do that without Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy - and I've only seen her 4 times!!

    I had foot surgery in October, and the x-rays looked fine after surgery. But I foot still hurt - almost as much as before the surgery. My surgeon recommended custom orthotics, but I wanted my foot to function properly without pain.

    I heard about Danelle through a client of mine and finally reached out. She offers a 30 minute consultation free of charge, and I was convinced at the end of the 30 minutes that her approach would be methodical and focused.

    Over the past 3 weeks, with physical manipulation, e-stim, and exercises she has transformed my foot. She worked with the tiniest of muscles in my foot and lower leg to strengthen and stretch where needed, AND addressed my body mechanics as they affect my feet.

    I've been to lots of Physical Therapists in the past, but Danelle is a problem-solver and a healer, and I will look no further.
    Suzanne Mid 50's, Washington DC

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