Health Membership Program

For busy professionals looking to stay on track

For those still needing guidance to knock their goals out

 For those determined to keep moving FORWARD

Here's how you STAY on track

Each plan will have 3 components to make sure you stay on the road to success

Consistent Communication

Weekly scheduled check ins to make sure that you're staying on your dance track

Have a question? Need some advice?

Just shoot me a message!

Home Exercise Program

Individualized and structured Exercise plan

Designed to target your weak areas

Progressive strengthening approach to get you results that last.

Services for you

1 Physical Therapy appointment

1 Virtual Online Appointment

1 relaxing Massage session (only with 6 month program)

Your Communication Tools

We get busy and things fall off your schedule. The solution - Accountability! I'll keep you on track with communication tools that are HIPPAA compliant and easy to use. this allows you to access me at any time!

Your Home Exercise Program

Exercises are an important component of the maintenance needed to continue your rehab.

Get individualised targeted exercises  in video form delivered to you weekly to keep  you improving from week to week  

Your Services

Feeling a bit of pain that you can't undo?

Use your in clinic visit, or your massage session to get a tune up.

Have you had your problem resurface when you are at home?

Using your virtual visit to get expert eyes on it to keep your momentum!

Please note: Free Massage session available only with 6 month membership

Upon hearing that I had been suffering for years from debilitating abdominal pain while running, my cousin (who is also a physical therapist) recommended Danelle. Until I started seeing Danelle, I was unable to run for more than a mile without pain...

Enter Danelle. For months she worked patiently with me after every doctor had given up trying to help me and I had nearly resigned myself to having this pain forever. Now I am able to run three miles at a time without pain! We are going to continue working together until I am able to get back to my old self and run a 10k race.

I can't recommend Danelle and Performance Plus Physical Therapy highly enough. She is a true professional who is willing to do everything it takes to help her patients.

~Elisa Kantor

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