Services at Performance Plus Physical Therapy

Whatever you need, we have the things to get you moving and back to the things you love!


Getting ready to run a 5k?
 Need to get rif of your  back pain so that You can lift your granddaughter at your son’s wedding?
Preparing for your big performance and need to be your best and pain free on stage?

Performance Plus’ philosophy is about getting you ready to enjoy life on your terms, and more!

My treatment approach centers your pain and function as our top priorities. By addressing these, we place the control back into your hands to get more out of the quality of life that you deserve!

During your initial evaluation, I will ask a lot of questions to get a detailed and the full scope of your problem. Your thorough assessment of all the systems involved in your issue will be done, followed by some time to discuss your diagnosis ad the plan that will get you to 100%

We’re in this together to quickly get you to the best part of enjoying your life, on your terms!


Fascial Counterstrain
 Visceral Manipulation/ Mobilization
Muscle Energy Techniques
Myofascial Release
Joint Mobilizations  
Trigger point Dry Needling
PNF techniques
Electrical stimulation
Taping techniques