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Don’t let knee pain hold you back from staying active!

Staying active is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Knee pain can get in the way of that!

Listen to Dr. Dickson talk about some quick tips that can get you moving now.

"6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Get Rid Of Knee Pain... Without Having To Deal With Your Insurance Or Needing A Referral From Your Doctor"

Learn 6 different ways to ease knee pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!
The knee is the part of the body that’s stuck in the middle - the middle child that needs just as much attention as the others! If you’ve had a bad knee or a knee injury you know what that cry for attention can feel like.

It’s a pain! And can make you feel twice your age in 2 seconds!

Simple things like getting up from a chair, climbing a flight of stairs or walking down the incline of your driveway to get the paper all suddenly become challenging and painful tasks. Because of the range of knee injuries, this isn’t something to sit on. Knee injuries can get bad very quickly and stop you dead in your tracks if untreated.

Now more than ever, its important to make sure that we can keep moving. For your physical health, emotional health and also for your mental health. So getting left behind in the movement game is not an option. 
So here’s a quick solution to your problem - My 100% free Guide to Knee pain. Simple ways to start getting rid of your knee pain, and changing your life back to where you want it to be.

Outside of surgery, most of my patients have been helped tremendously by doing a few things to change their knee pain. It’s that simple!

This report is the tool you need to start you on your journey of actually finding a solution to addressing your pain. It contains tried and true techniques that I’ve been using for years to help people just like you with acute and chronic Knee pain, to successfully get back to their life. And the success these patients have enjoyed was a result of not accepting that endless pain medications was their only viable option.

This report will start you on that ACTION plan to address your knee pain, today! There aren’t any promises of miracles- I can’t guarantee that what has worked for others with work for you. But If you want a better option to get you out of pain faster, it’s time to sign up right now. No waiting for a doctor’s appointment for 4 weeks. No missing work to get an appointment. No endless medications.

So no more letting life pass you by in the slow lane. Let’s get you up those stairs to your next meeting. Let’s get you back on the team, playing full force. Let’s get you playing with your kids and lasting all the way through to snack and nap time without taking a break.

Let’s start the journey to enjoying your life at full speed.

See what people are saying about getting rid of their knee pain and working with Dr. Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy!!

Late 70's, Washington, DC

Danelle is the best physical therapist ever! She is very thorough and efficient, pleasant and most importantly effective!!! Danelle helped me through some shoulder issues, and in the past year with knee issues. Fabulous!

Charlie Lanning.

At eight months post op from ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair I was referred to Danelle by a wonderful ballet teacher. I was struggling in the ballet studio to get past the fear I had of re-injury. I was scared at any step I took, and I did not feel strong enough to competently complete movements that a year ago felt natural and effortless.

Under Danelle’s extreme care and meticulous guidance she taught me how to quickly activate the muscles that had been sluggish and weak since surgery. She not only taught me exercises when we were together, but she also sent videos and thorough explanations for new exercises to add on certain days. She always followed through as well to make sure I was completing everything with vigor and quality. I always felt her support. She pushed me physically but also mentally to help me get past my fear. She reminded me that I was no longer broken but healed. She gave me confidence to trust my leg. All of this translated to the studio and I started to move more freely again. I no longer fret every time I take a step but now I am working on my performance quality. To move past that fear and weakness and feel free when I dance is a tremendously wonderful feeling. Thank you so much Danelle for getting that back for me! 

Nina B.
Late 40's, Washington, DC  

I have been dealing with a 'knee' issue for three years....or so I thought. Finally found a PT who was able to immediately see it was not my knee but issues with my IT band, calf and other issues.....What a relief and I can't wait to get back on the tennis court!