Despite the ongoing pandemic, we are still open and here to help you get out of pain. We are busy keeping active people moving and out of pain.

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Helping you get rid of your neck and shoulder pain without taking painkillers or injection, or waiting for weeks for a Doctor’s appointment!

If you want to get moving and neck and shoulder pain is holding you back, listen to Dr. Dickson talk about some quick tips that can get you moving now.

"Say Goodbye To Neck Pain... Without A Visit To The Doctor or Taking a Medications"

Learn different ways to ease neck pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!
     Neck pain can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. Between being productive or not, between being able to focus or not, between being present or not. The one thing separating you from the things you want to do.

     If you fall into either of these categories, I’d like to help you change that. And in some cases you’d be surprised how easy that is to do.

     I remember one case in particular, where a patient of mine came in with persistent pain in the morning, unable to get a good night’s sleep. She was able to change one thing outlined in this report that decreased her pain by 70%.

     It can be that simple!

    Getting to the core issue is key to lasting pain relief! So I’m not going to give you advice that gives you no hope
- rest, take some medication, get a brace….if those things helped you wouldn’t be here right now! My goal is to get you to try something different and see how it can change your life!

     I’ll show you tried and true measures that have helped hundreds of my former patients start getting out of pain. Busy but motivated people- just like you! And the success these patients have enjoyed was a result of not accepting that endless pain medications was their only viable option.

     This report will start you on that ACTION plan to address your neck pain, today! There aren’t any promises of miracles - I can’t guarantee that what has worked for others with work for you. But If you want a better option to get you out of pain faster, it’s time to get this information. So let’s get you present in that meeting, or actually be able to focus on your child’s next recital, or just get you sleeping through the night! Take the first step today! Let’s help you get back to those things that you love to do again, and reclaim your life.

     To get this report now, call the clinic at (240) 292-9512 or click on the button to confirm your details. There are limited copies, so please make sure to take action today!

See what people are saying about getting rid of their neck pain and working with Dr. Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy!!

Late 30's, Washington, DC

I was referred to Danelle Dickson by a friend who was very happy with her work. I have visited many physical therapists over the years. Danelle is the only PT that has been able to analyze and deal with my neck and shoulder pain. I have had problems for the past 15 years that have been lingering and progressively become worse. Danelle is a great listener and has a thorough understanding of the body. I have never felt like i am being so well taken care of by any other medical personnel. Highly recommended. 

Fanny S.
mid 50s Takoma Park, MD

Danelle was kind to offer me an PT evaluation and treatment after a recent car accident where I was rear ended and experienced whiplash.

Her professionalism, talent, intuitive touch, and compassionate care were very appreciated. I experienced more range of motion, freedom from pain since last Tuesday's session and it has continued. She was kind to leave me her foam roller to use with clear instructions in its use to open up the restricted musculature in my back and cervical region.

I highly recommended her. As a fellow rehab health care practitioner I was grateful to meet and be treated by a skilled colleague. 

Shayla J.
Mid 30’s Silver Spring

I've known Danelle for just about 16 years. In March of 2017, I began to experience pain in my right wrist, which I assumed was carpal tunnel syndrome since I have a desk job. Initially I went to a chiropractor (since the location was convenient) and he assured me that he could fix my issue. Let's just say that 24 visits and $3,000 later, I was in more pain than I started with and I was very depressed because he told me that my injury was accident related.

After a few visits with him, the pain began to radiate from the right side of my neck all the way down my arm and shoulder to my wrist...even my back was now aching. I figured something was not right with the care I was receiving, so I called Danelle because I trust her judgement and advice. She assured me this injury was NOT accident related. In just 8 visits with Danelle (and being consistent with the homework she gave me), I felt 1000% better.

I could now drive, sit in traffic and sleep comfortably without being in excruciating pain. Even something as simple as doing my hair was causing me extreme pain before Danelle fixed me!

Today, I'm extremely grateful that the pain I went through several months ago has vanished. I recommend Performance Plus Therapy, and especially Danelle because she is thorough and knowledgeable and most of all a joy to work with. The best part of my days was going to physical therapy, as weird as that may sound...because I felt better and better each time. Danelle is amazing!