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Don’t let shoulder pain hold you back!!

If you have pain with Sleeping, getting dressed, lifting your arm , here are some quick tips that  Dr. Dickson can give you to get you moving now.

"5 Natural Ways To Stop Shoulder Pain...Without A Visit To The Doctor's Or Taking Medications"

Learn 5 different ways to ease shoulder pain… even if you’ve suffered for months or years and your doctor told you nothing could be done to help!
When it comes to shoulder pain, it can be a creeper. Because it is so closely related to neck pain, a lot of people tend to ignore it, thinking it will go away. But when it doesn’t, it can go south really quickly and really start affecting the things that you need and love to do.

Shoulder pain accounts for 20% of all visits to medical professionals in the US, and can have a range of causes. However, universally, shoulder pain can really limit you in very elementary things, like brushing your teeth, putting on a jacket, lifting your baby or doing groceries. When you have a shoulder injury, you can quickly realise how quickly how much you use your shoulder and arm to do so many regular everyday things. 

Also shoulder pain doesn’t really have many aides - there aren’t many braces for mild shoulder pain so if you’re in a sling you’re probably down for the count. So it’s really important to take care of your pain as soon as it comes along, since it can go from 0 to 100 very quickly.
This report is a great tool that can get you started to actually find a solution to addressing your pain. It contains tried and true techniques that I’ve been using for years to help people just like you with shoulder pain, to successfully get back to the things they love to do. And the success these patients have enjoyed was a result of not accepting that endless pain medications was their only viable option.

This report will start you on that ACTION plan to address your shoulder pain, today! There aren’t any promises of miracles- I can’t guarantee that what has worked for others with work for you. But If you want a better option to get you out of pain faster, it’s time to sign up right now. No waiting for a doctor’s appointment for 4 weeks. No missing work to get an appointment. No endless medications. After all you shouldn’t wait 4 weeks to put on your coat or brush your teeth!

So if you remember all the things you enjoyed before your shoulder pain came along - playing your favourite game, lifting groceries or your child, or even being able to put on your jacket….. Those things are definitely worth taking that first step. Let’s help you get those things that you love to do again.

See what people are saying about getting rid of their shoulder pain and working with Dr. Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy!!

Holly Shenk

Best adult decision I've made.

BLUF: Shoulder pain prevented me from enjoying exercise or significant physical activity and, thanks to Danelle, I bought a bike.

I found Danelle through Definitions DC because I was having increased problems with a long-standing shoulder issue.  I was nervous about my first foray into Physical Therapy but it had to be done. Speaking with Danelle on the phone put me at ease immediately - great listener, very patient, and reassuring. She offered an initial diagnosis to assure therapy with her was the right course of action and helped me work through my insurance requirements and paperwork. I was confident with my choice when I began feeling a difference in my shoulder during the first session. I ask a ton of questions and she is ALWAYS PATIENT and THOROUGH in explaining the course of therapy and what I was feeling during the treatment. Sessions with her are not only physically productive for healing but a great experience for self-learning and understanding how to prevent future issues. After a short couple months I feel great and have confidence that I can prevent, or at least recognize, future concerns to maintain a pain-free shoulder.

Particularly for those putting off Physical Therapy - just call her. I'm betting it will be one of the best adult decisions you'll make too. 

Danny M.

Danelle has the heart, mind and hands of a healer. After repeated medication prescriptions for back pain and shoulder pain, I decided to attend one of her free events and I knew that she was the best choice for me. Very attentive and personable. She helped me to recover and to adopt better habits so that I remain healthy. She texted me during the week to check in. She even went as far as to contact my personal trainer to ensure both of their recommendations were aligned. I have also visited her twice for her therapeutic massages and they are heavenly. If you are looking for a physical therapist who is committed to your continued well-being and truly wants to see you thrive, visit Performance Plus

Suzanne Brinkmann

Danelle is a healer!  I’d been experiencing progressively worsening pain and reduced mobility for several years in my shoulder and hip.  On a recommendation from a colleague, I made an appointment with Danelle.  She listened to my symptoms, and carefully evaluated movement in my shoulder and hip to identify the underlying problem.  With her therapy, and follow up stretches and exercises, I have much more mobility and a lot less pain.  Danelle is encouraging, and practical!  I’m looking forward to getting back to activities that I enjoy.   I highly recommend Danelle and Performance Plus PT!