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What are people saying about Performance Plus Physical Therapy?

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Suzanne Schuerman

I did something today I have not been able to do in 3 years:  run across the street without foot pain.   I would not have been able to do that without Danelle at Performance Plus Physical Therapy - and I've only seen her 4 times!! I had foot surgery in October, and the x-rays looked fine after surgery.  But I foot still hurt - almost as much as before the surgery.  My surgeon recommended custom orthotics, but I wanted my foot to function properly without pain.

I heard about Danelle through a client of mine and finally reached out.  She offers a 30 minute consultation free of charge, and I was convinced at the end of the 30 minutes that her approach would be methodical and focused. Over the past 3 weeks, with physical manipulation, e-stim,  and exercises she has transformed my foot.  She worked with the tiniest of muscles in my foot and lower leg to strengthen and stretch where needed, AND addressed my body mechanics as they affect my feet.

I've been to lots of Physical Therapists in the past, but Danelle is a problem-solver and a healer, and I will look no further.

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Victor Howard

I take swing dance lessons.  I used her service to aid my recovery from hip replacement surgery. In a nut shell, Dr. Dickson is excellent!    After a thorough comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Dickson designed a program specifically for my needs, and goals that by all accounts, has me way ahead of the recovery curve.  I was dancing in two months, and could ski in four.  Pricing is reasonable for the high quality of care.  Unlike may things, you get more than what you pay for.  Bottom line:  I give the highest recommendation to Performance Plus Physical Therapy.

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Ann MacDonald

I am a 72 year old woman who has had hip and leg pain for the past 2 - 3 years.  After trying various venues, in July 2020 my GP recommended Danelle for 1:1 PT.  Working with Danelle from July - Sept was amazing and significantly alleviated my pain.  Her hands on, 1:1 laser focus provided the best PT I have ever experienced.  By end of September we agreed that we had accomplished as much as possible and I needed to see an ortho; the outcome was total hip replacement in early November.  3 days after surgery I was walking without a walker (which I never needed) or a cane.  When I saw my ortho two weeks after surgery he said my recovery was 6 weeks ahead anyone he had seen.   The first week after surgery I was walking my two dogs around the block.

All of this is because of Danelle's expert therapy.  Danelle is a no nonsense, focused, caring physical therapist.  Other PT that I have had over the years has made me feel like I am in a factory receiving scripted attention that had little to do with me personally.  I would do the exercises while the therapists would chat amongst themselves.  Danelle focuses on the individual, identifies issues and develops a plan.  During October we focused on getting me in top shape for hip replacement.  Every moment was worth it.  My recovery, again, has been pretty miraculous.

Do you need someone that really understands Dancers?

Dan Klotz

Danelle came highly recommended to us as a physical therapist who understood dancers, and she did not disappoint.

We would highly recommend her for three primary reasons:

  1. She's effective, and helped our 15-year-old daughter recover from a hip flexor strain. Danelle understands ballet as both a therapist and former dancer. She can identify what's wrong and work with dancers to strengthen areas of weakness, not just so that injuries don't linger but so that the dancers can come back stronger.
  2. She communicates how injuries happen and how to correct them in ways that help dancers better understand their own bodies.
  3. She did a great job listening to our daughter and establishing a rapport.

About  Danelle Dickson PT, DPT, OCS

Physical therapist, Orthopedic Specialist, Business mentor, Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Dr. Danelle Dickson, PT, DPT, OCS, is a 16 year licensed physical therapist, Performing Arts specialist, Orthopedic clinical specialist and owner at Performance Plus Physical Therapy.  She is also the host of the Dancing around Elephants Podcast, co-founder of a business mentorship for minority women: The Black Female Foundation, and co-founder of the Dance Ready Project, an online hub for tools and resources for dancers.

Dr. Danelle’s thirty-nine years in the dance world fueled her......

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